Dye-Sublimation Printer

Mutoh America

Mutoh describes its RJ-900 Dye Sublimation Printer as a solution for transferring high-quality prints onto virtually any dye-sublimation paper for decorating a wide variety of fabrics and rigid substrates. The printer features a maximum print width up to 42 in. (1067 mm), print resolutions of 360, 720, 1440, and 2880 dpi, Intelligent Interweaving technology, and print speeds ranging from 115-426 sq ft/hr (10.7-39.6 sq m/hr). Mutoh says the RJ-900 delivers superior line sharpness and photo quality with continuous tones, smooth transitions, and a wide color gamut that can be used with various CMYK inksets. The RJ-900 is suitable for applications such as banners, flags, pennants, sports goods, prototypes, gadgets, apparel, personalized interior items, polyester-coated ceramics and tile murals, trade-show and exhibition graphics, floor graphics, P-O-P displays, posters, soft signage, wall murals, fashion textiles, shop awnings, and outdoor advertising. Mutoh America, 2602 S. 47th St., Ste. 102, Phoenix, AZ 85034, 480-968-7772, 800-996-8864, fax: 480-968-7990, Web: www.mutoh.com.

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