Murakami bills its new One Pot WL as a breakthrough in pure-photopolymer technology. According to Murakami, One Pot WL exposes 3-5 times faster than dual-cure emulsion and exhibits exceptional latitude for halftones and print details. One Pot WL is formulated to combine the speed and strength of an SBQ emulsion while maintaining critically accurate halftone values or details. One Pot WL is a light-blue emulsion that’s designed for graphics printing and can be used for large-format UV, four-color process, nameplates, signage, industrial screen printing, and printed circuit boards. One pot WL is available in 1- and 5-gal containers and by the drum. Murakami Screen USA, 745 Monterey Pass Rd., Monterey Park, CA 91754, 800-562-3534, Web: www.murakamiscreen.com.

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