EPA Updates Hazardous Waste Generator Standards

60 changes made to foster compliance.

The US EPA has released regulatory changes to the Hazardous Waste Generator Standards for the first time in 30 years. More than 60 changes will become effective May 30, 2017. The rules have been reorganized to make them more user-friendly, thus enabling improved compliance by the regulated community. There are several changes that will impact our community.

First, the category of Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator has been renamed Very Small Quantity Generator, or VSQG. All other previous requirements still apply as this change only represents a renaming of this category that generates no more than 25 gallons of hazardous waste per month.

The regulatory changes provide greater flexibility for hazardous waste generators to manage waste in a cost-effective manner. One major change is allowing both VSQG and Small Quantity Generators to maintain their existing category provided they comply with streamlined set of requirements for episodic events. For example, facilities that wish to remove all old ink from their location now have that ability to do so once a year without bumping up to the next generator category.

Finally, the new regulations provide clarification and address ambiguities to foster improved compliance. Businesses are encouraged to check with their state environmental agencies to determine when these new requirements will be adopted and implemented locally.

Marci Kinter serves as VP of government and business information for SGIA.

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