Epson's New SureColor F2000 Digital Garment Printers

Company also announces its new PrecisionCore inkjet printing technology.

Epson America has entered the direct-to-garment (DTG) printing market with the introduction of two new, purpose-built, direct-to-garment inkjet printers: the SureColor F2000 Standard Edition and the SureColor F2000 White Edition. Both machines have the ability to print directly onto fabrics ranging from 100-percent cotton to 50/50 blends, including t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, tote bags, and more.

The F2000 Series printers feature:
• Epson MicroPiezo TFP printhead: Purpose-built, one-inch-wide, high-performance printhead with 360 nozzles/color that features ink-repelling coating technology for reduced nozzle clogging.

• Epson UltraChrome DG ink technology, a new water-based garment-ink formulation developed specifically for the Epson MicroPiezo TFP printhead. The F2000 Standard Edition is a high-speed CMYK-only model; the F2000 White Edition offers the added benefit of white ink for printing on dark or color fabrics. Ink cartridges are available in 250- and 600-ml sizes.

* Garment Platen: 14 x 16-in. medium standard platen; additional platens are available for 10 x 12-in., 16 x 20-in., and sleeve sizes.

• Garment Creator Software: Provides users flexibility with print workflow, control to review job history, and the ability to estimate costs in managing and producing prints.

The company also has announced its new PrecisionCore inkjet printing technology. The PrecisionCore chip, based on MEMS technology, uses a 1-micron-thin piezo actuator to deposit ink with superior speed and precision, the company reports. It’s a highly scalable technology that will allow Epson to integrate it into products ranging from desktop printers to industrial systems such as large-scale label presses. The PrecisionCore printheads: have two to three times the resolution of Epson’s conventional piezo printheads, says Epson; offer variable drop size; and are flexible in the fluids they jet.


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