Flatbed Inkjet Printer

Océ North America

Océ’s Arizona 300 GT is a UV-curable flatbed printer that’s designed to offer the same features and capabilities of the Arizona 350 GT, but is configured for light production environments. The 300 GT prints on rigid and roll-based media and uses Océ VariaDot imaging technology and four-color (CMYK) UV-curable inks. Océ says the system produces near-photographic image quality at a true production print speed of 133 sq ft/hr (12.4 sq m/hr). Users can field-upgrade their 300 GT to a 350 GT model, which delivers speeds up to 239 sq ft/hr (22.2 sq m/hr). With an upgrade, users also have the ability to add the White Ink Option for under-printing on non-white media, over-printing for backlit applications on transparent media, and printing white as a spot color. The 300 GT combines a true flatbed design with a separate, dedicated roll-to-roll media-handling system, and can print on rigid media up to 49.2 x 98.4 in. (1249.7 x 2499.4 mm) and 1.89 in. (48 mm) thick. With the Roll Media Option, users can print onto flexible media up to 86.6 in. (2199.6 mm) wide. Océ North America, 5450 N. Cumberland Ave., Chicago, IL 60656, 773-714-8500, 800-714-4427, fax: 773-714-4056, Web: www.oceusa.com/odgs.

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