Flatbed UV Inkjet Printer

Gerber Scientific Products

Gerber Scientific Products debuts its Solara ionz cationic UV inkjet printer is designed to meet the needs of wide-format, outdoor-durable digital-printing applications. Gerber says the new printer delivers all of the benefits of the current Solara ion product family, including GerberCat Cationic UV ink and Cold Fire Cure low-temperature technology, but with the added benefit of high-resolution image output. Other features include resolutions up to 720 dpi, maximum printing width of 64 in. (1626 mm) for rigid materials and 63 in. (1600 mm) for roll-to-roll substrates, maximum material size of 64 x 120 in. (1625 x 3048 mm) table and 63 in. roll to roll, and maximum material thickness up to 1 in. (25.4 mm). Gerber says that existing owners of the Solara ionx and Solara ionv will be able to upgrade their printers to generate higher resolution output without having to invest in a new printer. Gerber Scientific Products, Inc., 83 Gerber Rd. W., South Windsor, CT 06074, 800-222-7446, Web: www.gspinc.com.

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