Flatbed UV Printer for Parts Decoration

LED UV-curing machine can image products up to 5.9 inches tall

Designed for short-run and on-demand printing of promotional products and plastic industrial parts, the fJetXL flatbed inkjet printer from Engineered Printing Solutions ( can image products up to 5.9 inches tall. The 1200-dpi LED UV-cure printer has a maximum print area of 39.8 x 22.4 inches and can reportedly print a full-sized bed in CMYK + white x2 in less than 2 minutes. An optional clear coat is available. Features include 1-L bulk ink tanks with a liquid-level sensor alarm, automatic ink-delivery system, single or bi-directional printing, and automatic printhead-maintenance module. The company can provide customized fixtures for a variety of industrial and promotional-products applications. Automated loading/unloading products are also offered.

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