Futurecar Workshop Showcases Industrial Print Tech

Bringing together packaging, component manufacturing, and more.

Georgia Institute of Technology will host the Futurecar: New Era of Automotive Electronics Workshop in Atlanta on November 8-10. Registration is now open for the event aimed at leaders across the automotive supply chain, including the package and component sectors.

“Autonomous driving, real-time telemetry and communications, electric cars, and infotainment among other technologies require a new era of electronics and electronic systems to ensure safety, speed, functionality, and reliability of the next-generation of automobiles,” the organizers say in a release.

Sessions include:
• “Power Devices and Packaging,” focusing on recent and emerging technologies in wideband gap devices and high-power density, high-temperature packaging.
• “High-Temperature Materials and Reliability,” narrowing in on innovative and emerging devices in molding components and more.
• “Sensing Electronics,” highlighting self-driving technologies including radar, cameras, and more.

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