Garment Decoration Industry Benchmarking Report from SGIA

Equipment purchases strong in 2015.

SGIA’s annual benchmarking survey of the garment decoration community forecasts a generally positive outlook for the industry. Based on responses from 87 garment decoration businesses in the first quarter of 2016, the report reveals the following:

• In 2015, 57 percent of companies made a production-related purchase of more than $5000. Of those, 54 percent made a purchase of more than $50,000. Similarly, 62 percent plan a purchase of more than $5000 in 2016, and half of those plan a purchase of at least $50,000.
• Broadly speaking, digital printing software and screenmaking tools were the most common purchases of 2015. The most commonly purchased type of screen press was an automatic garment press; the most commonly purchased digital technology was a dye-sublimation printer measuring less than 96 inches.
• Respondents saw the B2C and e-commerce markets growing the most rapidly, while the product areas with the most growth were performance apparel and T-shirts.
• The median sales growth was 13 percent. Seventy-five percent of companies said both sales and production levels have increased; 44 percent said they had increased their number of employees.
• Overall, 75 percent of respondents reported a positive outlook on the industry’s future.

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