Garment Dryer

Workhorse Products

Workhorse Products ( reports recent upgrades to its Powerhouse dryer, designed to boost versatility and dependability. The company now builds the dryer with a larger control panel, intended to make the user interface easier and more intuitve. Workhorse also moved the exhaust for the dryer from the center to the rear to vent exhaust more efficiently. The dryer belt now moves in forward or reverse directions, thereby enabling users to station a press at either end of the dryer for space-saving production switch-offs. Workhorse also added heat-resistant handles to the doors that are used for height adjustment. The Powerhouse series come in four standard sizes: 26 in. x 8 ft (660 mm x 2.4 m), 30 in. x 11 ft (762 mm x 3.4 m), 40 in. x 13 ft (1016 mm x 4.0 m), and 52 in. x 17 ft (1321 mm x 5.2 m).

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