GM Nameplate and TouchKO Team for Touchscreen Technology

GM Nameplate, Seattle, WA, joined up with Cedar Park, TX-based TouchKO to develop five-wire, multi-zone touchscreens for use in complex operations involving multiple controls that must be regulated, such as industrial, medical, or entertainment applications.

“This technology opens up exciting design and control options for our touchscreen customers,” says Dennis Webster, Intaq engineering manager of GM Nameplate. “Touchscreen users can now operate multiple controls simultaneously from a single touch screen.”

The five-wire, multi-zone touchscreen allows for up to four input zones on a single touchscreen, and all four touches may occur simultaneously, leading to four distinct inputs. The five-wire, multi-zone touchscreen comes bundled with a multi-zone industrial controller that accepts multiple top ITO sheet inputs, enabling the multiple zoned areas of the touchscreen to function. GM Nameplate is located at 2040 15th Ave. W., Seattle, WA 98119, 206-284-2200, 800-366-7668, fax: 206-284-3705, Web:

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