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BOARDers Falconboard Finishing System from DGS

The system, which includes different accessories and profile connectors, facilitates the assembly and quick construction of all types of 2D and 3D elements using Falconboard, a honeycomb structured graphic board. One of the most popular elements of the system is the "U Shape Trim" used to cover the edges of the material. This product is available for 3/8" and 1/2" Falconboard and the presentation is in rolls of 660 ft (white or black). Additionally, the system offers a set of profile connectors with different shapes: 'L", H", "T", "X" which allow and easy construction of POP displays, trade show booths, stage props, office dividers, store decorations, portable furniture, among other things. The profile connectors come in lengths of 8 feet and are available for 3/8" and 1/2" Falconboard. Other accessories are the plastic screws, specially designed for honeycomb cardboard.
"BOARDers finishing line is the perfect complement to close the digital design-printing- cut circle to produce visual communication elements using Falconboard. Taking into account the basic characteristics of this great substrate as its light weight, high strength and ease of printing and cutting , BOARDers line potentiate its use to a higher level limited only by the imagination", said Roberto Rodriguez, President of DGS.
“Additionally, the system is so flexible and easy to use that allows the construction of all kind of 2D/3D elements to any printer which counts only with basic tools such as a utility knife and a ruler, providing the graphics (adhesive media applied to the cardboard) with any printing technology (solvent, eco-solvent, latex), if that were the case", added Roberto Rodriguez.
The system, which will gradually be expanded to other items, will be sold through a select network of distributors in USA and Latin America. For more information write to: sales@dgs-usa.com.

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