Graphics Printer with UV Curing

A.W.T.’s AMERICAN M&M Hercules Multicolor UV Printer

A.W.T.’s newly enhanced American M&M Hercule features large print sizes, faster production rates, improved print quality and instant global support. With over 20-years of solid performance and hundreds of machines operating worldwide A.W.T.’s American Hercules, it’s no wonder that President Michael Green firmly believes the Hercules is “unmatched for speed, quality and ease of use,” making it ideal for industrial printing operations, especially where a quick turnaround and labor reduction are required.
The Hercules now features a 400-watt twin-lamp curing system with Inteli-Guard™ mounted between each print head. Now users can increase production output, reduce power consumption and heat build-up while extending lamp life. The Hercules runs jobs through each print cycle (without handling the substrate to add different colors) ensuring a finished print ready for packing and shipping. Other features include an exclusive up-front peel control for easy adjustments, brushless AC motors with inverter-control system on each head and the availability of either an electro-mechanical or servo drive indexer.
The sheet-fed Hercules is designed to produce up to 600 six-color-pieces per hour, proof jobs instantly after a cycle and simultaneously print two-sided jobs, double up on the same job or run two-or-more different jobs with a range of print formats including 25 x 38” (63.5 x 96.5 cm), 30 x 40” (76.2 x 101.6 cm), 38 x 52” (96.5 x 132 cm), and a large print size previously unavailable with any multicolor UV print system: 50 X 75” (127 x 190.5 cm). Customization of the Hercules™ is available and is preformed to complement each customer’s unique needs.
Probably the most distinctive feature for the Hercules is the addition of Remote Diagnostics. Provided to users across the globe, this instant service feature reduces repair costs and downtime as much as 80 percent.
This highly efficient printer is designed to increase throughput and minimize operator intervention during production. All this adds up to greater profits and a competitive advantage — particularly when bidding on larger jobs.
For more information about A.W.T. screen printing equipment and supplies contact A.W.T. World Trade Inc. 4321 N. Knox Ave., Chicago, IL 60625 USA. email sales@awt-gpi.com.

Graphic Parts International Inc. (www.gpiparts.com) is a division of The A.W.T. World Trade Group with corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Chicago, IL, with worldwide sales, service and shipping. Other divisions include A.W.T. World Trade Inc. (www.awt-gpi.com), the complete manufacturing source for screen printing equipment and supplies.



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