Hirsch Offers Compact MHM Garment Press

Designed to deliver advanced features in a small footprint.

MHM’s new SA-Evo automatic screen printing press, distributed exclusively in the US through Hirsch Solutions, is designed as an entry-level unit for shops with space considerations. Two sizes are offered: the SA-Evo 8, a 6-color, 128-in. model, and the SA-Evo 10, an 8-color version with a diameter of 146 in. Both models have an electric indexer, electric squeegee drive, and instant-release platens.

The SA-Evo has a 16 x 18-in. print area and can accommodate screens up to 23 x 31 in. Features include the M-Touch Pro operating system with tablet interface, built-in wifi, independent control stations at each printhead, flash control from the main operating system, screen-clean function, and compatibility with MHM’s Film Positioning Unit registration system.

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