Hot-Bar Bonder

Miyachi Unitek

Miyachi Unitek’s new Unitek Eapro DT-500-PH Desktop Hot Bar Bonding System features either a motorized X-axis table, Y-axis table, or X/Y axis table and is designed for applications that require hot-bar bonding multiple parts in an array at one time, bonding multiple flexes onto one PCB, or bonding one flex to both a PCB and an LCD. The Unitek Eapro DT-500-PH includes a Uniflow2 power supply for selective hot-bar soldering, heat sealing, and conductive-adhesive-bonding applications. It uses pulsed heat technology, engineered to provide targeted heating and precision temperature control for flex circuits, ribbon cables, wires, SMT components, single- or dual-sided edge connectors, and thermocompression bonding of gold ribbon. Miyachi Unitek, 1820 S. Myrtle Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016, 626-303-5676, Web:
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