Hotronix Releases Two New Platens

For can coolers and hat bills.

Hotronix has released the Can Cooler Platen and the Hat Bill Platen for heat-transfer printing on specialty objects.

The Hat Bill Platen allows users to print on the underside or top of a hat brim and decorate up to four hats at a time. Compatible with Hotronix and Maxx heat presses, excluding the 11 x 15-in. clamshells and cap presses.

The Can Cooler Platen can print up to eight can coolers of several types – including zippered, drawstring, or key-ring style – at once. The platen is also compatible with other small items such as lanyards, lunch sacks, miniature T-shirts, socks, gloves, and more. Designed for use with all Hotronix and Maxx 16 x 20-in. heat presses for models 2014-present.


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