How to Make Money With Instagram, for Free

Quick tips for using Instagram as a marketing tool.

1. Search hashtags. For example, let’s say you want to start a line of roller derby team apparel. Search #rollerderby. 

2. Look at specific accounts under that hashtag. You would want to find actual roller derby teams. 

3. Find out how you can bring them value. You might see that they have pictures of their merch table. Is there a print you know you could do better? Is there an item that they should be offering that you can provide? 

4. Send the team a direct message. Personalize it; don’t just copy and paste. Make it short and sweet, but to the point. Try not to be a salesperson, but someone who noticed a need that you have the means to provide. 

5. Repeat. Keep at it – meaning, use the same technique to find more potential buyers, not to hit one prospect over the head again and again. Do not spam people! 

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