HP and iTi Investigate Industrial Apps

Hewlett-Packard’s New Business Organization (HP) and imaging Technology international Corp. (iTi) have joined forces to investigate industrial applications for HP’s thermal inkjet technology. Testing at iTi involves the use of HP’s Thermal Inkjet Pico-Fluidic System (TIPS) as a tool to evaluate HP’s technology as an alternative to inkjet printers that use piezo printheads.

The goal behind testing, which is part of HP’s Precision Printing initiative, is to extend HP inkjet technology into non-hardcopy applications that require accurate placement of small drops and deposition of precise volumes of fluid, as well as those that include complex surfaces or specialized coatings. The initiative also aims to demonstrate the potential of using additive drop-on-demand technology in production as an alternative to analog processes. For more information, contact iTi Corp., 8401 Baseline Rd., Boulder, CO 80303, 303-443-1036, fax: 303-443-6191, Web: www.imagingtechnology-corp.com.

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