HP Announces Blended Reality 3D Printing Technology

Introducing the Multi Jet Fusion print system and Sprout by HP computing platform.

HP has introduced the first product from its Blended Reality ecosystem, Sprout by HP, a computing platform. Its release was accompanied by the HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D print system.

Multi Jet Fusion at a Glance
The Multi Jet Fusion is built on HP Thermal Inkjet technology and is designed to increase the commercial viability of 3D printing.

“We examined the existing 3D print market [and] saw major gaps in the combination of speed, quality, and cost,” says Stephen Negro, senior VP, Inkjet and Graphic Solutions, HP.

Features include:
• Ability to image entire surface areas versus one point at a time;
• Multi-agent printing process;
• Delivery of fully functional parts with accuracy and smooth surfaces;
• Manipulation of part and material properties, including form, texture, friction, strength, elasticity, electrical, and thermal;
• And reduction of running time, cost, energy consumption, and waste

To achieve greater flexibility and versatility of 3D Print materials beyond the current use of thermoplastics, HP will work directly with customers and provide a certification process for partners under the HP Open Customer Engagement Program, according to the company. Wider distribution of the HP 3D Print system will begin in 2016.

Sprout by HP Blended Reality Platform
Sprout by HP combines a desktop computer with a user interface to create a new computing experience.

The goal, says Dion Weisler, executive VP of Printing & Personal Systems, HP, is to “reduce the barriers between the digital and physical worlds.”

Combining a scanner, depth sensor, hi-resolution camera, and projector into a single device, Sprout allows users to take physical items and merge them into a digital workspace. The system also allows users in multiple locations to collaborate on and manipulate a single piece of digital content in real-time.

Features include:
Dual-screen Experience: An integrated vertical HD touch screen coupled with a 20-point capacitive touch mat;
The Sprout Illuminator: A projection system that scans and captures physical objects in 3D;
HP Workspace: A software platform built specifically for Sprout’s dual-screen interface;
• And Advanced Platform: Fourth generation Intel i7 Processor, 1 TB of storage, and Windows 8.1

Sprout Marketplace
HP has also created a marketplace for Windows-based applications including the Martha Stewart CraftStudio, DreamWorks Animation Story Producer, Crayola’s Draw & Sing, and GestureWorks Gameplay.

New applications will continue to be added to the marketplace regularly. The Sprout Software Development Kit is available at www.sprout.hp.com/developer.

Sprout by HP is available for purchase in select retail locations and online at www.hp.com. Additional country releases will follow. For more information, visit www.sprout.com.

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