I’ll Give You a Double Dip

Have a little faith, America.

I’ll Give You a Double Dip

Usually double dips refer to sweet, slippery ice cream cones, and they’re a good thing, right? Or maybe they recall a final salute to a really stylish dance done twice. But this constant wishy-wash of a slow steady recovery, a U.S. credit rating of AA+ instead of AAA spreading to a drop in confidence in the economy and leading to a reciprocating dip in the Japanese stock market— is just too much.

Reading a recent Wall Street Journal, the headlines scream, “Downgrade Ignites a Global Selloff,” gave me the jitters. For one thing, “Selloff” looks terrible as one word, and that’s enough to ignite any editor. However, they’re right that fear spreads like wildfire. And what once was a slow recovery can become something sinister based on rumor, fear, and nothing but shadows.

Have a little faith, America. The long-held affirmation that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself came after World War II. During the worst of times, we still carried on with work and applied our minds to every situation. No matter what the politicians say, no matter what the market does, we all have jobs to do, people that we can do business with, ideas that spur new business, and faith in our ability to meet each day.

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