IMI Announces Early 2016 Schedule

Four conferences for Q1.

The Information Management Institute (IMI) has released its event schedule for the first quarter of 2016, with four events planned for February and March. Each will navigate various new opportunities for digital printers as President Al Keene presses attendees to adapt with developing technologies:

“While conventional printing declines, digital printing – particularly inkjet printing – is expanding by taking advantage of features such as personalization, on-demand production, inventory and distribution cost savings, previously impossible applications, digital manufacturing applications, improved output options, etc. End users are eagerly adopting these technologies as the transition from an analog to digital world accelerates.”

The institute will kick off 2016 with Ink Jet Academy, February 2-3, and the Ink Jet Printing 2016 Conference, February 3-5, at the Red Lion Hotel in Anaheim, California. Ink Jet Academy will offer educational programming centered on new and expanding inkjet opportunities. The following conference, in its 25th year, will explore new markets and applications for inkjet printing, including materials deposition, printed electronics, 3D printing, biomedical, textile printing, and packaging.

Two additional conferences will follow at the end of February: the Digital Printing Presses 2016 Conference (February 29-March 2) and the Security Printing 2016 Conference (March 2-4) at The Florida Hotel & Conference Center in Orlando, Florida. Attendees of Digital Printing Presses 2016 will look at technology developments in digital printing that have enabled new applications including direct product decoration, functional printing, and product manufacturing. The Security Printing Conference will then address counterfeit prevention opportunities for digital printers, from business documents and event tickets to IDS, currency, and travel documents.

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