IMI Brings Fall Conferences to Arizona

Two events will be held at the Saguaro Scottsdale.

IMI’s upcoming U.S. events include the 24th Annual Thermal Printing Conference and the 10th Annual Security Printing Conference. Visit for additional information.

Thermal Printing Conference
November 18-20, 2013
Saguaro Scottsdale – Scottsdale, Arizona
Today’s $35 billion thermal printing industry is larger and more diversified than ever! Current trends such as the hand held computing revolution, virtual receipts/documents, social media, smart phones, cloud computing, competitive technology advancements, etc. all combine to present challenges and opportunities for the thermal printing industry. Join us to assess the thermal printing industry’s current and future prospects from an end use and supply chain perspective.


Security Printing Conference
November 20-22, 2013
Saguaro Scottsdale – Scottsdale, Arizona
Security printing is a unique application sector where brand owners and end users are willing to spend money to try and reduce the worldwide economic impact of fraud, counterfeiting and piracy which is reported to exceed $650 billion dollars (5 to 7% of world trade) annually. With annual security printing industry revenues estimated at approximately $10 billion dollars, increased efforts to avoid fraud, counterfeiting and piracy will continue to expand these revenues.

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