Inca Digital's Upgradeable UV Flatbed Printer

Different color schemes and upgrade options.

Using the company’s Onset Scaleable Architecture platform, Inca Digital’s new Onset R40LT flatbed UV inkjet printer is designed as a mid-range machine with a flexible configuration that can be upgraded as a business’s needs change. In its most basic configuration, the 63 x 123.6-in. R40LT is a four-color printer with manual loading and unloading and max. print speeds of 2852 sq ft/hr (the equivalent of 40 full-sized sheets). It can also be furnished or upgraded to a 5- (CMYK + white), 6- (CMYKcm), or 8-color (CMYKcm + white x2) model. The Level 1 Upgrade adds a second UV lamp, allowing for bidirectional printing and increasing print speeds to a max. of over 4300 sq ft/hr (the equivalent of 58 full-sized sheets), while the Level 2 Upgrade adds an automatic sheet-handling system that increases productivity over manual loading by another 25-50%. All R40LT models feature 14-pL Fujifilm Dimatix Spectra print heads, a full-width printhead array, max. substrate width of 2 in., 15-zone vacuum system, UV sensor system, and mechanical substrate-height detectors.




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