Infrared Dryer

Vastex Int'l

The new D-100 Sub-Compact Infrared Conveyor Dryer from Vastex International ( is engineered to cure 110 plastisol-printed garments or 50 discharge-printed garments per hour. The tabletop unit measures 46 x 24 in. (1170 x 610 mm), draws 1625 w, and is available in 120- or 240-v models equipped with an 18 x 46-in. (457 x 1170-mm) conveyor belt, and a 16-in. (406 mm) square heater. Variable controls are standard for heat intensity and conveyor speed. The heater can be raised, lowered, and pivoted using lock knobs on the sides of the heating chamber according to the thickness of printed garments and/or the angle of printed images on irregularly shaped items. Heater shields are included to maximize edge-to-edge temperature consistency for increased image quality.

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