Inkjet Media


Ilford recently debuted an assortment of media for inkjet printing. OMNIJET NanoSolvent Glossy Banner Vinyl is designed to provide a high quality, fire-retardant indoor or outdoor display with durability up to two years without lamination. Glossy Banner Vinyl is compatible with eco-solvent and solvent printers. OMNIJET NanoSolvent Glossy Backlit Vinyl is a stretchable and fire-retardant material suitable for indoor and medium- to long-term outdoor applications. The gloss-finished media is compatible with solvent and eco-solvent inkjet printers. OMNIJET AquaBlock features a layer for aqueous inks that Ilford says is completely water-fast without any lamination. This layer is engineered to ensure fixation of the inkjet pigments at the surface of the print media. OMNIJET Satin Blueback is a high-opacity, water-resistant media for billboards and other poster advertising applications. It is compatible with eco-solvent and solvent printers. OMNIJET Semi-Gloss Poster Paper can be used for indoor and short- to medium-term outdoor advertising. It is compatible with eco-solvent and solvent printers.

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