Inkjet Printer for Cylindrical Objects

Inkcups Now

Inkcups Now’s new PromoJET is an inkjet printer equipped with a rotary fixture that allows prin-ting around the circumference of cylindrical objects such as stainless steel water bottles, pens, and flashlights. Users can print up to 360° on cylinders ranging in diameter from 0.375-5 in. (9.5-127 mm) and can change the system’s configuration from rotary to flatbed as needed. Inkcups Now says PromoJET is ideal for any graphic printed on a light-colored or white substrate and offers incredible benefits when running four-color-process, gradients, or multi-color print jobs. The printer features an eight-color inkjet head and a DC-driven tooling table measuring 11 x 18 in. (279 x 457 mm), onto which parts can be tooled into a multiple-up configuration. Specialized RIP software controls color production and ink dispensation. Inkcups Now Corp., 20 Locust St., Danvers, MA 01923, 978-646-8980, e-mail:, Web:

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