Large-Format Platen

Vastex Int'l

Vastex ( designed its new All Over Pallet (model V2P-AOP-XL) to allow owners of the Vastex V-2000HD manual press into a large-format screen-printing system. According to the company, the tapered platen allows for easy loading and unloading. The top of the platen, which is closest to the press center, measures 25 in. wide (635 mm). The platen gradually widens to 44.4 in. (1128 mm), where the neck of the shirt (up to size XL) is located, to facilitate printing over the collar, sleeves, and off of the edges. The platen is made of steel and features a rubber top. Vastex says the platen is not intended for multicolor, butt-registered prints. The platen will fit on any size V-2000HD press; however, vastex notes that the platen takes up the space of two stations when used on an eight- or ten-color press.

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