LED Exposure Unit Series from Workhorse

Intended to reduce exposure time.

Workhorse Products has launched the Lumitron series of LED screen-exposure units designed to reduce setup time, energy costs, and exposure time. Compared to metal halide bulbs, the LED strips used in the Lumitron units produce lower temperatures and don’t require startup or cool-down times; they deliver the required UV frequency immediately. They also last longer than metal halide bulbs, with a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, according to the company. Other features include an independent vacuum with an oil-free pump, clear tempered glass top, flexible neoprene blanket, digital timer, and easy-open vacuum frame. It can be mounted on a drying cabinet or furnished as a floor model unit and is available for three screen sizes: 20 x 24 in., 25 x 36 in., and 34 x 50 in. (which can also accommodate two 23 x 31-in. screens).

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