Madeira USA Adds Storage Chests

A variety of configurations available for Classic Rayon #40 users.

Madeira USA has introduced a variety of new options for its Classic Rayon #40 embroidery thread storage chests featuring Mini Snap Cones for each color. Having introduced 44 new colors in 2015, the company offers several configurations for users who wish to expand their inventory. According to Madeira, each drawer contains a printed sheet detailing the proper position of each shade of thread.

Users have the choice of:
Item #911-387D, consisting of seven drawers containing all 387 solid colors;
Item #911-387E, a single drawer containing the 44 new colors;
Items #911-387A and B, each containing three drawers for a total of 180 colors;
Item #911-387C, a single drawer containing the remaining 27 colors to complement 387A and B;
Item #24, an empty three-drawer box;
• And Item #34-7, an empty single drawer.

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