Making Local Lucrative

So good are the designs that my wallet feels greased for action.

Niche marketing can bring a great deal of momentum to a garment printer’s business and plenty of profits when implemented effectively. When you know your target market—I mean really know your target market—the possibilities are limitless.

Cincy Shirts ( is a shining example of the niche game played right. As a life-long Cincinnatian, I am able to quickly identify—and identify with—just about every garment graphic on the company’s Website. Even though some of the noteworthy brands they portray on apparel disappeared generations before I was born, my roots in this fine city provide the connection.

So good are the designs that my wallet feels greased for action. This is a result of solid and purposeful niche marketing on their part—and my desire to use a T-shirt to pay tribute to an iconic, if not seedy, city-block-sized motel and its legendary proprietor. Laying eyes on the design to which I'm referring brought instant recall of seeing the joint when I was a kid, riding in the back of my parents’ car as they drove the Beechmont Levee. Back then, I wondered about that weird place and what went on there. Now, I can remember it all on a T-shirt.

The folks behind Cincy Shirts understand the value of being in tune with their niche market. One design in particular demonstrates clear Queen City know-how: the custom Cincinnati high-school shirt. You really have to be from Porkopolis to understand why it’s so funny. If you’re not fortunate enough to hail from the Blue Chip City, just take my word for it.

This is how niche marketing is done, people. Connected creativity like this could one day make Cincy Shirts a Losantiville legend.

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