MHM's iQ-Oval Automatic Press

Oval garment press can be purchased with between 12-60 stations.

MHM’s new iQ-Oval garment screen-printing press, distributed in the US exclusively by Hirsch International (, features a modular design that allows for a wide variety of configurations. Designed to provide speed, flexibility, performance, and safety, the iQ-Oval can be purchased with a minimum of 12 stations (an 8-color model) to a maximum of 60 stations. It features MHM’s new iDS Intelligent Drive System, with small drive motors on each pallet arm that allow independent operation of each arm as well as smooth motion in both print directions and the ability to do single, double, or triple indexing. MHM says each drive motor stops immediately when an obstacle is sensed, improving operator safety. The printer is controlled by an M-Touch Pro tablet with full Wi-Fi capability for real-time technical support. Each station also has its own digital control and keypad for primary printing functions. Other features include easy screen accessibility with variable lift settings, quick-load/release squeegees, instant platen release, front and rear off-contact adjustments, and the ability to load and unload shirts from the ends and corners of the print station.

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