Mimaki Launches JV300 Eco-Solvent Printer

Production-speed machine available in two widths.

Available in two models, the JV300 series of eco-solvent inkjet printers from Mimaki USA (www.mimakiusa.com) include eight ink channels with a variety of ink and color options to address a wide range of applications. The line includes the JV300-130 (53 in. wide) and JV300-160 (64 in. wide), both featuring newly designed print heads in a staggered, dual-head configuration to deliver a wider print swath per pass, increasing productivity. The printers feature variable-drop technology, with dot sizes ranging from 4-35 pl; the small drops produce smoother gradients and quartertones, while larger drops enable uniform solid colors.

The printers use Mimaki’s SS21 eco-solvent inks, available in nine colors that can be combined in numerous ways to support a variety of applications. For example, in order to produce smooth, vibrant colors, users could choose to print CMYKLcLmLkO; the orange ink available in the SS21 ink line is treated as standard process color in the RIP, eliminating the need to work in the Hexachrome color space while reportedly allowing users to reproduce up to 92% of Pantone colors. For high-density white printing, users can print in CMYKLcLm+ 2 Whites, or for higher print speeds they can print in 2 x CMYK mode. For textile and apparel printing, Mimaki’s Sb53 dye-sublimation inks are also compatible with the JV300 printers. Colors in the Sb53 line include magenta, blue, yellow, black, light blue, and light magenta. The printers offer five print modes ranging from SuperDraft (360 x 360 dpi, single pass) to High Quality (720 x 1080 dpi, eight pass). Quoted print speeds range from 144-991 sq ft/hr in 2 x CMYK color configuration.

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