Mimaki Launches New UV-LED Flatbed

The multipurpose UJF-7151.

Mimaki has released the UJF-7151 UV-LED flatbed printer, a multipurpose machine designed in part to help screen printers transition into the digital market. With three available ink options, the 28 x 20-in. flatbed printer is intended for versatility; users can choose from a chemical- and abrasion-resistant ink set, flexible inks for use on banners and vehicle wraps, or thermoforming inks, each available in CMYK, white, clear, and primer. It can also print on materials up to 6 in. thick, including cylindrical objects with a Kebab option.

The UJF-7151 also offers several features designed to improve ink drop accuracy and image quality: a print table that moves the substrate beneath six staggered printheads; the Mimaki Advance Pass System 4 for reduced banding; the Mimaki Fine Diffusion 1 patented dithering technique; and waveform control. It will print at speeds up to 35.5 sq ft/hr, reportedly 1.6 times faster than its predecessor, the UJF-6042.

Additional functions include an ink circulation system and nozzle check unit to prevent, detect, and recover clogged nozzles and a gap check sensor to reduce head strikes. Inks are available in 1-L bottles for longer runs. RasterLink6 RIP software, Ethernet or USB connections, and remote monitoring are included.

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