Mounting Films


MACtac ( expanded its line of mounting films with the addition of Permacolor ColorTrans CT2200, featuring a permanent and removable adhesive. MACtac says the optically clear, double-sided film is specifically intended for face-mounting and back-mounting transparencies to glass, Plexiglass, and other clear or transparent substrates for indoor, outdoor, and backlit applications. The 2-mil polyester film is coated with a permanent, clear, acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side and a removable, clear, acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive on the other. It features a clear, polyester release liner. The film comes in 150-ft (45.8-m) rolls in width of 41, 51, 54, and 61 in. (1041, 1295, 1372, and 1549 mm).

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