M&R Adds 18-Color Gauntlet III

Automatic press has 20 stations.

M&R has developed an 18-color version of its Gauntlet III automatic textile press. The machine offers 20 stations and a max. standard image area of 19 x 22 in., and a max. image area of 45 x 22 in. in alternating printheads.

Additional features include:
• Tool-free front and rear print-stroke adjustment
• Pneumatic screen clamps
• A Park feature that retracts the squeegee and floodbar and moves them to the outside edge of the press during setup and teardown
• The company’s Laser Locator System for platen and garment positioning
• Squeegee pressure regulators
• An electronically adjustable Ink Dip ink retrieval system
• M&R’s Squeegee Dam system, designed to prevent thinner inks from flowing into the image area
• Print, reset, and print/flood speed control on each printhead
• Automatic Pallet Preheat Mode with a built-in platen temperature sensor

The machine’s touch-screen control panel offers icon-based labeling and features an independent print-start/print-finish setting that automatically activates and stops printheads at the beginning and end of the run. The panel also offers onboard self-diagnostics, a production speed monitor, real-time production data, a test print setting, a stopwatch feature, and a maintenance reminder system.

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