M&R Introduces Stryker

An automatic oval garment press.

The Stryker automatic oval-shaped garment press from M+R (www.mrprint.com) features a modular design, with a 10-station base model that can be expanded in increments of 6 all the way to 52 stations. All stations except the ends can support printheads and any can be left open, allowing for a wide variety of production requirements. The Stryker features a new servo drive indexing system that can achieve speeds up to 900 pieces/hr, with adjustable indexing speed and the ability to do multiple indexing. The maximum standard image area is 24 x 33 in., but with optional platens, the press can print images as large as 39 x 33 in., making it suitable for cut piece and all-over designs.

The Stryker features a large touchscreen control panel with icon-based labeling available in multiple languages. The panel sits on a caster-mounted pedestal, allowing the press operator to move it easily. Standard features include self diagnostics and a production-speed monitor to provide data for job costing. Other features include tool-free off-contact adjustments at all four corners of the frame; high-life mode for simpler screen loading, unloading, inspection, and cleaning; independent print/flood speed controls on each printhead; a Maintenance Minder system to alert operators when scheduled maintenance is due; a Laser Locator System to speed up plate changeovers and assist in the positioning of garments and cut-piece goods; and a Squeegee Dam that helps prevent water-based and discharge inks from flowing into the image area of the screen.

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