M&R Press Sets New World Record

Single operator prints 1909 shirts in one hour

On Friday, October 1, 2010, Luis Omar Viera of New Buffalo Shirt Factory used M&R’s new Challenger III and M&R’s Passport Automatic Unloader to set a new world record of 1909 shirts printed in one hour by a single operator. According to M&R, this feat eclipses the previous record of 1805 shirts, set in 2005 on an M&R Formula. Video of the record-setting event can be seen at http://speed.mrprint.com.

Rich Hoffman, M&R’s CEO, said, “When we first scheduled this event, I said that a new record would require a phenomenal press, high-quality, easy-to-load shirts, and an extraordinary operator. We knew going in that the ultra-high-speed Challenger III could index faster than a human being could load, and we knew Gildan would provide top-quality shirts, so it was all up to Omar. We knew he was an elite press operator, but we also knew everything would have to go perfectly if Omar had a chance at a new record. Fortunately, everything fell into place.”

Hoffman went on to thank Jon Weiss, founder and CEO of the New Buffalo Shirt Factory, for making it possible for Omar to compete; the people at Gildan for providing the shirts—and for all their charitable work; all the people at M&R behind the design and manufacture of the new Challenger III; and Luis Omar Viera for his amazing performance.

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