M&R's Exposure System for CTS Screens

Vertical unit designed specifically for computer-to-screen workflow

Designed specifically for screens generated through computer-to-screen (CTS) systems, the NuArc D-Scan exposure unit from M&R (www.mrprint.com) is a vertical unit that employs UV LED scanning technology to save energy costs and reduce screen-exposure time. The unit can accommodate a maximum screen size of 26 x 43 in. and will expose direct emulsions, capillary films, and indirect stencil systems. M&R’s Job Recall function allows operators to save and recall exposure settings and name them with specific mesh/emulsion parameters for future jobs. Because the UV LED light source is enclosed, the unit can be used in screenrooms where coated, unexposed screens are stored. It can be wall mounted or used in conjunction with an optional floor stand. The light source is backed with a limited lifetime warranty.
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