M&R's Transformer & Blu-Flash Flash/Drying System

Modular system can be configured to do flash curing or conveyorized drying using the same equipment.

Designed for small and startup screen-printing businesses, the Transformer & Blu-Flash system from M&R allows users to do flash curing and conveyor drying from the same equipment. The system is based around the Blu-Flash flash-curing unit, with an IR panel and a variable-percentage power control (from 1-100%) that provides rapid, consistent curing. Users can combine up to three Blu-Flash units with the Transformer conveyor belt to create an electric IR conveyor dryer, adding or removing Radiant panels simply by moving them. This enables smaller shops to achieve faster throughput on jobs that don’t require between-color flash curing. The Transformer conveyor features an analog belt-speed controller, allowing users to select the appropriate speed based on substrate, ink, and the number of flash-curing units being used.

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