New Report Explores Conductive Ink Markets

IDTechEx research examines technologies, forecasts, and players for the next decade.

IDTechEx Research has released the “Conductive Ink Markets 2017-2027: Forecasts, Technologies, Players” report. The report details the state of the conductive ink market, highlighting recent innovations, analyzing market challenges, assessing the new requirement set, and forecasting market potential. The report also provides detailed 10-year market forecasts for 25 applications, including photovoltaics, touch-screen edge electrodes, in-mold-electronics, flexible e-readers and reflective displays, wearable electronics, and more.

Key takeaways include:

• The adaptability of conductive ink technology is a main reason the industry sector continues to expand, opening new applications as older ones decline or become rife with low-cost competition.
• The report predicts the conductive ink market will “increase by an order of magnitude in the coming years,” according to a release.
• Recent industry changes that have kick started market innovation include: a more diversified photovoltaic supplier base; market requirements for touch-screen edge electrodes becoming more stringent, causing fine line ink innovation; and suppliers focusing on diverse nascent emerging markets.
• Stretchable electronics are on the rise as the industry transitions from rigid-component-in-a-box to stretchable and comfortable devices due to an expanded supplier base, higher performing inks, and the launch of multiple prototype and commercial products.
• The structural electronic market, including in-mold electronics, conformal printing, and 3D printing, is predicted to increase over the coming years. This trend eliminates separate bulky PCBs, instead making the structure itself functional.
• With touch-screen technology, “the trend to narrow the bezel will not stop until the bezel vanishes.”

For more information or to order the full report, visit IDTechEx’s website.

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