New RT SunAngel Heat-transfer Systems from Rhinotech

Heat-transfer systems for dark garments offered in Dark and Fluorescent versions

Rhinotech’s new RT SunAngel heat-transfer systems are designed to produce vivid, durable transfer prints onto dark garments. The integrated systems include the printers, transfer papers, and toners, and are offered in Dark and Fluorescent versions.

The Dark package includes Rhinotech’s 33SC CMYK and 33WB white printers, while the Fluorescent system includes the 33DC color and 33DW white fluorescent printers.

In each system, the user first prints the design in color, then runs the printed sheet through the second (dedicated white) printer. The final print is married to the transfer sheet and then applied via a heat-transfer press at 260° for 40 sec. All types of black, dark, and light-colored apparel can be used and the heat-transfer paper is reportedly weedless; only the toner transfers to the garment, not the background film. Rhinotech says the transferred image is bright and dense with no color bleeding.


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