Numbering Press


The Abacus II from M&R (www.mrprint.com) is a two-station numbering press that features a 20-printhead duo-deck configuration that facilitates the printing of two-color numbers. It has a servo-driven indexing system that is controlled by touchscreen user interface. Users enter the dimensions of the digits to be printed and the gap between the digits, and Abacus II automatically positions each platen for correct digit placement during the print cycle. The standard frame size for M&R’s numbering system is 15 x 23 in. (380 x 580 mm), but it can simultaneously accommodate screen frames up to 20 x 24 in. (510 x 610 mm) in all 20 printheads or screen frames up to 23 x 31 in. (580 x 790 mm) in every other printhead. Abacus II’s features include a machine-tooled and polished 3-in. (76.2-mm) center shaft, tapered roller bearings, microregistration with dual off-contact adjustment, tool-free spring-tension adjustment, and more.

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