ONYX Graphics Introduces SmartApps VehicleWraps Plug-in for Adobe Illustrator Software

SpartApps is said to simplify and accelerate set-up of vehicle wraps for wide-format printing.

ONYX Graphics, Inc. introduced the SmartApp VehicleWraps plug-in for Adobe Illustrator software, giving users the ability to combine design and paneling of vehicle wraps within one application to streamline print production and finishing. SmartApps VehicleWraps is the newest addition to the SmartApps line of products focusing on wide format plug-ins for design applications.

“Lack of preparation tools available today force print service providers producing vehicle wraps to fragment their design and prep workflow, significantly increasing turnaround times,” says Kevin Murphy, President and CEO of ONYX Graphics, Inc. “The SmartApps VehicleWraps plug-in simplifies and combines design and preparation to create a more cost-efficient and productive workflow in an application that is already familiar to them.”

Reduce file preparation time and costs
Designers using Adobe Illustrator software to create vehicle wraps have access to easy-to-use tools including third-party vehicle templates for image and text placement. However, they lack the proper tools to prepare print-ready panels for the RIP. When the file arrives at the print station, production staff must then utilize generic tiling tools in the RIP to prepare panels for printing. Tiling functionality in RIP software is not specific to vehicle wrapping and may not provide tools needed to edit individual tile overlaps and bleeds, name each tile, or create tiles for windows and body panels at the same time. The result is often a dual overlap: a duplication of effort for both the designer and print production staff, plus added back-and-forth communication—all of which increases preparation time and creates a more error-prone workflow.

The SmartApps VehicleWraps plug-in provides designers the necessary tools from within the design program that help eliminate the overlap and streamline production. Designers can easily specify necessary set-up items such as tiles and bleeds so when the print production staff receives the file, no additional preparation is necessary.
In addition, the SmartApps VehicleWraps plug-in can help reduce overhead costs by decreasing the time spent preparing vehicle wraps for print. Reduced media costs can also be realized with the ability to individually edit bleeds and overlaps for each panel.

Streamline installation
Lack of proper tools to facilitate communication between print service providers and installers can make it difficult for installers to know exactly where each panel should be placed and is a common reason for redoing a print job. The SmartApps VehicleWraps plug-in offers tools to create tile maps to easily communicate panel placement and print names on each panel to help identify them. This feature simplifies communication, helps streamline installation and greatly reduces the risk of a job reprint.

SmartApps: RIP-independent and platform-friendly
The SmartApps VehicleWraps plug-in is the third in the new SmartApps toolset that help cut production time and costs by optimizing workflow using existing design applications. Designed to help those who prepare files for wide format printing, SmartApps plug-ins are application-specific, operating system independent (can be used on Macintosh® or Windows® platforms), easy to use and affordably priced. They are complementary to any wide format RIP software – ONYX® RIP software is not required to use the plug-ins. For more information, visit www.smartappsplugins.com/vehiclewraps.

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