Original Goods Package System from Mimaki

Includes ArtiosCAD DS, tabletop printer, and compact cutting plotter.

Mimaki USA has released the Original Goods Package System (OGPS), a bundle of products for creating short-run customized goods and packaging prototypes. The bundle features ArtiosCAD DS, a packaging-design software package designed by Esko; the UJF-6042 UV-LED tabletop printer; and the CFL-605RT compact cutting plotter.

ArtiosCAD DS features 402 packaging templates for beginning CAD users, and includes tools for rounding corners and adjusting interior trim. By using a downloadable plug-in, users can import ArtiosCAD DS files into Illustrator to add images and design elements.

The UJF-6042 prints on plastics, metal, wood, leather, and glass up to 6 in. thick and 24 in. wide, and offers white and clear inks. It also offers functions for variable-data printing and direct printing onto cylindrical objects. A primer is available to help the ink adhere to smooth surfaces such as glass.

The CFL-605RT offers a max. cutting area of 20 x 24 in., with multiple functions including reciprocating, tangential, and eccentric cutting; creasing; and foam insert cushioning material.

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