PolyOne's Non-Phthalate Mixing Base

Compliant with CPSIA standards and compatible with the Wilflex Ink Management Software

Wilflex Epic Amazing Base from PolyOne (www.polyone.com) is a non-phthalate mixing base designed for printing vector-art designs onto 100%-cotton or cotton/polyester-blend substrates using manual or automatic screen-printing equipment. Compliant with CPSIA Sections 101, 108, and 1303, Epic Amazing Base is designed to help garment decorators meet performance goals and compliance standards while improving productivity. It has a matte finish to provide a soft appearance. The base is compatible with Wilflex Ink Management Software, which allows for custom color-palette solutions using the firm’s Epic PC Express or Equalizer Colorants, and is available in sizes ranging from 1-50 gal.

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