Polytype America Debuts NQ32 UV Printer

Grand-format inkjet printer combines flatbed and roll-to-roll capabilities.

Combining flatbed and roll-to-roll capabilities, the NQ32 grand-format UV inkjet printer from Polytype America (www.wifag-polytype.com) was designed to provide production flexibility for users who want to produce 40-80 full-sized prints per hour.

The NQ32 is a 3.2-meter, 50 x 128-in. hybrid printer with Dimatix Q-Class printheads that have grayscale capabilities (10- to 30-pl drop size) and top apparent resolution of 2400 dpi. Up to nine color channels can be supported. (CMYKcm is the standard color scheme; white is optional as is a line of spot colors including orange, gray, red, blue, and violet.)

Standard output speeds range from 500 sq ft/hr in Fine Art mode to 1500 sq ft/hr in Production mode. A Warp Engine option controlled at both the RIP and print controller enables the output speed to be doubled, ranging from 1000-30000 sq ft/hr.


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