PRIMIR Projects Growth for Wide-Format Inkjet Printing

Converters from analog, new applications to spur expansion.

PRIMIR, the research unit of NPES, has released “Wide Format Inkjet Printing Trends and Opportunities,” a study encompassing input from industry manufacturers, distributors, and experts, as well as PSPs, marketers, and retailers. The study, which valued the North American market at more than $20.3 billion in 2014, projects that this figure will grow to $24.4 billion in 2018, citing the transition from analog-printed display graphics to digitally printed ones, and emerging new applications due to ink and media innovation as catalysts for the market’s expansion.

The report highlights banners, signs, and posters as the most commonly purchased products, but indicates that these applications are becoming commoditized. Possible opportunities for PSPs include investing in newer, potentially faster, and more versatile technologies – such as latex, UV, and dye-sublimation printing – and exploring new trends, such as versioning and micro marketing. The study also reported that more than 40 percent of print buyers have used a QR code or some other interactive media element as a part of their display graphics; a large majority of these plan to continue to do so.

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