Print Processes to See Increasing Opportunity in Electronics Manufacturing

IDTechEx recently released a report that predicts growing opportunity for all printed and potentially printed electronics applications. The report, titled Printed, Organic & Flexible Electronics Forecasts, Players & Opportunities 2009-2029, forecasts that the market for printed and potentially printed electronics, including organics, inorganics, and composites, will rise from $1.92 billion in 2009 to $57.16 billion in 2019.

For 2009, the report identifies 71% of the electronics market as comprising mature technologies, including printed conductive inks and sensors, and says that 35% of the total electronics produced will be predominately printed and 18% will be on flexible substrates. By 2019, 76% of electronics are expected to be printed and 73% are forecast to be produced on flexible materials. The report also identifies growth areas for printed electronics, including photovoltaics, organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) on glass, e-paper displays, thin-film transistor circuits, flexible OLEDs, sensors, and batteries.

Printed, Organic & Flexible Electronics Forecasts, Players & Opportunities 2009-2029 provides detailed ten-year forceasts by device type, as well as 20-year outlook for the industry. It analyzes the market by territory, printed versus non-printed, rigid versus flexible, inorganic versus organic, cost of materials versus process cost, and more. It also explores the activities of more than 700 leading electronics producers and includes not only electronics that are printed, organic, and/or flexible now, but also covers those that will be. Additionally it provides cases studies and timescales for the growth of existing products and the emergence of new products. For more information about the report, visit IDTechEx online at


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