Quartz Flash Dryer from Ryonet

Designed for small- and midsized printers.

Ryonet has announced the HotRoq quartz flash dryer, designed for small- and midsized screen printers. The dryer is engineered with nine quartz bulbs with a medium-wavelength output designed for flashing plastisol inks, though it also features four forced-air fans to keep the flash cool and provide airflow for water-based and discharge printing. The HotRoq is equipped with an optical sensor that cues the 18 x 24-in. curing zone to turn on when the platen moves under the flash and turn off immediately after curing.

Digital controls allow the user to regulate bulb heat and intensity, flash time, and three flash zones. The HotRoq, which reportedly consumes less than half the electricity of a comparably sized IR flash unit, can also be run manually.

Additional features include a 50-amp, single-phase circuit and a quick-release power plug.

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