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This organization conducts research, offers consulting services, and organizations conferences and trade shows that can help companies profit from emerging technologies. IDTechEx conducted the Printed Electronics USA show and the Wearables Technology USA conference.

FlexTech Alliance
By facilitating collaboration among industry, government, and academia, this association develops solutions for advancing flexible printed electronics and displays from R&D to commercialization.

Cal Poly State University
Cal Poly’s Printed Electronics and Functional Imaging curriculum helps working professionals and master’s degree students acquire essential knowledge and skills needed for the future of functional printing applications. Online, graduate-level courses are offered.

Screen Printing Consultant

Ray Greenwood

Digital Printing Platforms

Sensor Films

Stretchable Conductive Ink

DuPont MicroCircuit Materials

Engineered Conductive Materials

Wearable Technology/Smart Textile Startups

BeBop Sensors


Rest Devices


Artists/Designers/Fashion Houses


Coded Couture Exhibit at Pratt Institute

Melissa Coleman

Ying Gao

Ralph Lauren SmartShirt 

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